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S1027 - Deactivated SMLE - Short Magazine Lee Enfield Mk III


The iconic Lee-Enfield rifle, the SMLE Mk III, was the principle battle rifle for British and Commonwealth forces of the First World War. Introduced in 1907, along with a Pattern 1907 Sword bayonet, it was a shortened version of the Long Lee Enfield or Magazine Lee Metford. It went on to see extensive use in the Second World War, after it's re-designation Rifle No.1 Mk III in 1926.

This example is in good condition. The receiver band has been replaced as part of an overhall, so the gun can not be dated, but it looks to be of WWI vintage, that has been upgraded between the wars. The gun has been deactivated to current specification and can be fully cocked, stripped and dry-fired.

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