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Optical Equipment

Please note, all optical equiptment is 100% original unless otherwise described. They are open to a 7 day inspection with a full money back guarantee.

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WW2 German 81mm Mortar Sight

A320 WW2 German 10x80 Flak Binoculars - Emil Busch AG (cxn)
A superb and fully functional, complete set of WW2 German 10x80 Flak Binoculars including the aiming sight, mounting cradle, rain shields, elevation drums, tripod, fully operational spirit levels and original period wooden storage case. Used by German anti-aircraft batteries for spotting aircraft, they have a very wide field of view and the lenses are inclined at 45 degrees for easy viewing.

The glases are manufactured by Emil Busch AG, Optische Industrie, Rathencow, and marked with the code D.F. 10 x 80 CXN with its original paint finish. The optics are superb and crystal clear without fault or any problems or issues. The adjustments for eye relief, width and selector for filters from clear (Klar) to Dark (Dunkel) are fully functional and all the filters are present. All spirit levels are in place and fully functional and the perspex has no damage. The padded brow piece fits and locks perfectly and is in very good condition having not perished at all.

The mounting cradle has its original paint finish and maker code ecr with blue triangle for cold weather use. The spirit levels are all complete and fully functional. One of the bakelite locking handles is lose on its steel bar, but this should be simple to fix.

The stand is in excellent condition, painted in a tan paint, which looks to be post war applied. There in not rust or and dings and the original canvas strap is present.

The set all fits together very well a makes a great display piece. Complete operational sets with in this condition don't come up very often.


blc binoculars

A99 - WW2 German Military blc 10x50 Binoculars
German 10x50 World War II Binoculars. They are marked blc for Carl Zeiss Militarabteilung Jena with a blue + for cold weather use. Tooled alloy and aluminum construction, they are as they were found and in good condition. They need a little cleaning but are im good condition and quite clear and useable.


WW2 German EM34 Range FinderWW2 German EM34 Range Finder

A29 - WW2 German EM34 Range Finder with leather Case and Stand
WW2 EM34, German Rangefinder, Entfernungsmesser 34 , designed for use with the MG34 and later the MG42. The rangefinder is in excellent original condition with everything intact and comes with tripod and leather carry case. This is now a very hard to find, complete set, essential, but always seems to be missing from a wartime MG display.

The range finder itself carries the manufacturer name HENSOLDT Wetzlar with code Nr. 300935. It has the original paint which is in excellent condition, with the usage instructions in original white paint and complete with leather carry straps and padded leather ends and covers which are also in excellent condition. The optics function perfectly and are clear and bright and the dials are all complete and functional. The leather carry case is in excellent condition and all staps and padding is complete with no damage. The tripod is stamped with cxn, manufacturer code for Emil Busch and serial number 69370. This has original wartime paint and the locking functions perfectly.


dkl sniper scope

RH36 - WW2 German Dialytan dkl Sniper Scope
Rare "dkl" marked WW2 German military sniper scope. Manufactured by Dialytan, the scope is in perfect working order and the optics are perfect without a flaw. Whilst the scope is 100% original, it has been mounted on a set of very high quality reproduction high turret mounts.


bmj binoculars

I103 - WW2 German Military 6x30 ddx tan 'Afrika korps' binoculars
A good pair of WW2 German 6x30 Voigtlander ddx coded German military binoclars in ordnance tan. The right is marked Dienstglas 6 x 30, 315240 with a ddx and triangle. A blue triangle meant that they greased for cold climate, White for temperate climates and Green for hot climates). Tooled alloy and aluminum construction, the optics are still quite clear and useable.


bmj binoculars

WW2 German Military 6x30 bmj binoculars and bakelite case
An excellent pair of WW2 6x30 bmj Hensoldt coded German military binoclars with their original bakelite carrying case. The left is marked bmj with a light blue circle which indicated packed for cold weather. The right is marked Dienstglas 6 x 30, 498727 and H / 6400. Tooled alloy and aluminum construction, with carry strap, the optics are still the optics are very crisp and clear. The right lens has a the horizontal ranging graticule with vertical bars.

They come with a standard issue, kidney shaped binocular carrying case, of molded black bakelite construction with sheet metal, aluminum and leather fittings. An excellent usable example in top condition.


WWII German ZF41 sniper Scope and mount
Original German WW2 ZF41 sniper scope with almost perfect original blued finish to both the scope and the mount. 1.5x magnification, optics are still clear with the standard 3 post reticle and the scope is in perfect working order. The adjustment drum still functions perfectly. The scope is marked ZF41 with a cxn for maker Busch a.-G F.A. Optische Industrie Rathenow with a nice clear blue cross for cold weather use. There is a serial number of 193204. The mount is marked duv with 214 waffenamt and the back of the mount is marked k98k-zf.41. The scope comes with an original rain shield in perfect condition and a smaller rear shield which I have added and is in a worn state. An outstanding original scope and mount ready to fit to a K98 sniper rifle as featured in chapter 8 'The German sniper' by Senich.


WW2 "blc" German military sniper scope
This is a very rare "blc" marked Zeiss Zielvier WW2 German military sniper scope. With objective shield and original waffen marked leather end caps. The scope is 100% working corectly and the optics are 100% perfect without a flaw. There has been some oxidation to the outside of the scope due to use / bad storage.

An excellent totally original example of a rare WW2 German sniper scope (an identical scope is shown of page 442 of The German Sniper by Peter R Senich)


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