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Sub Machine guns / Assault Rifles

Please note, all deactivated weapons are deactivated in the United Kingdom and hold a London or Birmingham proof mark and certificate stating that the weapon has been deactivated correctly and is legal within the U.K.

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Deactivated Old-spec Czech wartime ZK383 SMG

C477 - Old-spec Czech wartime ZK383 SMG - no foreign stamps
A rare and very good condition ZK383 sub-machine gun as issued to the Wehrmacht and specifically the SS during WW2. These were extremely high quality guns finished to pre-war standards with milled and machined, not stamped components. Some were sold commercially before the war to Portugal and various Latin American countries. Once the war began all production went to the Heer with most ending up in SS issue as they particularly valued its excellent quality, smooth operation and accuracy.
The examples sold to South America and Portugal generally had the national emblem stamped on the receiver, whereas this has none indicating it stayed in europe during the war where it would have been issued to the German army following its overun of Czechoslovakia. It was accurate enough to be fitted with an 800m rifle-type sight, a bipod and a quick-change barrel for use as a light machine gun. It also featured a dual-rate of fire with a weight added or removed from the bolt by the operator to vary the rate of fire from 500 to 700 rpm respectively. It was very easy to strip without tools. As highly finished as a few other pre-war guns such as the MP34 and Beretta 38 it was, as with these SMGs, highly prized by soldiers due to its excellent finish and reliability. A very high quality wartime SMG in very good condition, this example is deactivated to old specification and can be stripped, cocked and dry-fired.


Deactivated WW2 German MP40 BNZ42 matching numbers

C476 - Old Spec WW2 German MP40, bnz 1943 - all matching
Stamped bnz 42 for manufacture by Steyr in 1942, this is a fine a example of a mid war MP40 with matching numbers throughout the gun. The gun is in very good condition, with an even worn blue to the metal work with very slight surface oxidation form period usage. The bakelite is in excellent condition and the stock is tight. Very sympathetically deactivated to old specifications, the gun can be fully field stripped and dry fired. A fine MP40.


Steyr Solothurn MP34

A78 - 1942 Dated Nazi Marked Steyr MP34
An excellent Steyr Solothurn MP34 1942 dated. Based on the MP18, the gun was manufactured by the Rheinmetall subsidery company Steyr to avoid the restrictions of the Versaille treaty. Manufactured to the highest standards, it was used by the German army, police and SS units during the Second World War. The gun has many WaA stamps, comes supplied with a leather sling. The gun is deactivated to old specifications and is fully strippable and can be dry fired.


Old Spec WW2 Baretta 38A

C305 - WW2 Baretta M38A deactivated to Old Specifications
A fine example of a Beretta 38A. A gun renowned for its fine craftsmanship and finish, it was one of the best submachine guns of WW2. The model M38A had it's destinctive double triggers and cooling jacket over the barrel which was later removed on the model 38/42. It would accept a 10, 20, 30 or 40 round magazine and was used almost entirely in the early war period by eliter paratroopers, tank crews, Carabinieri and Blackshirt infantry. Production was slow and numbers only really became available in 1943. It was highly respected by the Germans for its reliability and accuracy and also highly prized by the allies when they could capture them. Given the oficial German designation MP 739(i) it was widely used by Fallschirmjager and SS troops and saw significant use in Italy and Russia.

This example was manufactured in 1943 and is stamped on the top of the reciever with its maker code and a 1943 date. It has an excellent original blue and the woodwork is in good condition. Complete with a 40 round magazine and sling it is deacivated to Old Specifications, so can be fully field stripped and dry fired.


WW2 German MP41 - Haenel MP41

C304 - Old Spec Haenel WW2 German MP41
A scarce MP41 sub machine gun. Only approximately 27,000 of these were manufactued by Haenel, with a hybrid of a selective fire MP40 with the stock of an MP28. The reason for manufacture was never clear, possibly with foreign export in mind or with Haenel maybe using up superflous MP28 parts. Never adopted by the army, it was used by SS and field Police with famous pictures showing use in the Ardennes offesive and by troops with SS-Brigadeführer Jürgen Stroop in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising in April / May 1943. This is a fine example with original factory blue. The top is stamped "MP41 patent Schmeisser C.G. Haenel Suhl and the barrel carries a Waffenamt WaA37. Deactivated with a fully working action and can be cocked and dry fired. An excellent example of a rare WWII submachine gun.


WW2 British sten mk II

J16 - Old Spec WW2 British Sten Mk II
A good condition WW2 Sten Mk II, the standard sub-machine of the British forces from 1941 onwards and also dropped in large numbers to resistance groups in Europe. The gun is deactivated to old specification and can be fully field stripped, cocked and dry fired. This Sten is in good condition with 70% of its bluing remaining. Stamped with the manufacturer B&T and British War Department stamps and supplied with a T handle stock.. The gun comes with its sling and magazine.


1943 dated Russian PP43

RJ03 - 1943 Dated WW2 Russian PPS43
An excellent Russian WW2 PPS-43 sub machine gun. Manufactured by the Sestroryetsk Arsenal, in 7.62 calibre, this gun is a scarce early 1943 example which dates this weapon to the siege of Lenningrad, lifted in January 1944. Deactivated to current specification but with a moving cocking handle and folding stock. A fine historic piece.


WW2 German STG MP44

I204 - WW2 German MP44 /STG
WW2 German MP44 deactivated to old specification. An excellent example of a Sturmgewehr, 1944 dated, with both bnz (Steyr) and fxo (Haenal) stampings. It is profusely Nazi marked with many waffenamts, with correct butt with oil trap and original bluing throughout. The gun is in excellent condition and can be cocked, dry fired and is fully field strippable.


WW2 Russian PPSH-41

I354 - Scarce Old spec WW2 Russian PPSH-41
A scarce 1944 dated Russian PPSH-41 deactivated to old specifications. The gun is in excellent collectors condition with matching numbers throughout the gun. It can be fully field stripped, cocked and dry fired. Hard to find an old spec PPSH in this condition.


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