British No. 9 Bayonet


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The No. 9 Mk. I bayonet was designed to replace the No. 4 spike bayonet, the standard bayonet of the British army in WWII. It was a simple design, with a sturdy socket pinned to the clip-point blade of the No. 5 Mk. I bayonet. Because of the similarity with the No. 5 bayonet, the No. 5 scabbard was retained for use with the No. 9 Mk. I bayonet.
Production commenced in 1947.
This example was manufactured by the Royal Ordinance Factory, Poole, in 1949. The Poole bayonets are the earliest documented production of the No. 9 Mk. I bayonet, with Poole’s maker mark is a letter “P” inside a circle, followed by the year of manufacture.
The bayonet and scabbard are both in very good condition.