Cased WWII German Cased Iron Cross Grouping with Knights Cross


Cased WWII German Cased Iron Cross Grouping with reproduction Knights Cross

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The Iron Cross is indisputably the most famous and notorious German award. Its long tradition dates back to 1813, by King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia. Re-instituted in September 1939 by Hitler with the Iron Cross series of awards.

This is a fine display box consisting of both original Iron Cross 1st class and an original Iron cross 2nd class, with a good reproduction Knights Cross, in a reproduction display case.

The Iron Cross 1st class is L/52 Zimmerman made and the 2nd class award is an unmarked S&L, Steinhauer & Luck, Ludenscheld. Both are in good condition and 100% original. The knights cross is an excellent reproduction, stamped with 800 as per the original. A great display piece.