Early G dated German K98 Bayonet & Scabbard – Hörster


A fine very early G coded bayonet manufactured by Hörster in 1935.

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The German K98 bayonet was introduced in 1934 with mass production beginning in 1936. The design was taken from the S84/98 bayonet of 1915 and was standard issue to every EM / NCO to be worn suspended from the belt by means of a leather frog.

This is a rare very early G coded bayonet manufactured in 1935 by Hörster.
It is stamped S/155 which was the early code for Hörster, with the G code the secret code, representing 1935.
The bayonet is a fine early example, with a good pair of undamaged wooden handles. The steel blade is sharp with a fine original blue and clearly stamped. The scabbard is late war, 1944 dated example, which has been forced number matched to the bayonet.

A rare early bayonet in good condition.