Rare WW2 German Q M42 Helmet – Quist


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A hard to find M42 helmet by F.W. Quist, G.m.b.H. Esslingen. For the entirety of the War, Quist was to make almost entirely M40 helmets and M42 helmets by Quist are hard to find.
The helmet has a lot of it’s factory applied green paint finish remaining, with scuffs and scratches from combat usage. There is no decal. All three liner rivets are in place and untouched and the leather liner is quite dry but intact.
The internal skirt is stamped lightly with Q64 with batch number DN543 – late 1944 production.

A good original untouched rare QM42 combat helmet, found at the town of Kranenburg, in between Nijmegen and Kleve.