US WW2 82nd airborne M42 Paratroop jacket


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This M42 paratrooper jacket consists of four front patch pockets with two button snaps on each, along with a unique dual-zippered knife pocket located on the upper lapel which was designed to contain a switchblade pocketknife.  The M42 was worn by Paratroops assigned to Airborne units. Later in the war the M42 was eventually phased out in favour of the new M-1943 Uniform in a darker green. Despite this, various individuals chose to keep their M42s in order to show their veteran status.

This jacket has some wear expected from service usage with slight fading. The interior is stamped with the size 40. All original snaps and zippers are fully functional and are manufactured by Conmar. The jacket comes complete with its 82nd Airborne insignia. It came with the jacket in the front pocket, but has clearly been attached to the left arm and has left an imprint. I decided to leave the jacket as is and not re-apply it.

A very fine original 82nd airborne M42, now becoming very difficult to find.