WWI German EKI, Iron Cross 1st Class


WWI German EKI, Iron Cross 1st Class

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The Iron Cross is indisputably the most famous and notorious German award. Its long tradition dates back to 1813, by King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia. The Iron Crosses were re-instituted by King Wilhelm I on July 19TH 1870 for award during the Franco-Prussian War and again on August 5TH 1914 by King Wilhelm II for award during WWI. The first class medal was for award to personnel who performed three to five acts of bravery in combat and had already been awarded the Iron Cross 2nd class.

This is a 1914 pattern, die struck, three piece, iron and alloy construction cross with a single piece iron core and two piece silver alloy frame. The reverse has a solid soldered hinge and vertical pin. The catch is missing but may be repaired and is reflected in the price.