WWII German Armed Forces 6×30 binoculars. Maker E. Leitz


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Standard issue WWII German 6×30 power binoculars, in black, complete with original leather strap. The binoculars are manufactured from tooled metal alloy with molded black Bakelite fittings.

The pair are from the manufacturer, E. Leitz satmped on the left hand ocular end, body panel. The right hand ocular has the impressed designation, “Dienstglas 6 x 30 with the serial number “208488” with optical marking H/6400 and M marking indicating the metrical scale in the reticle. This marking was discontinued between 1938 and 1939.

The individual focus adjustments still function and lens bodies and end pieces retain most of their painted, black finish. They have both molded bakelite eye sockets intact and the focus adjustment still functions. The optics are in reasonable condition and like a lot of wartime optics could do with a clean.

A good early war pair.