WWII German Armed Forces 6×30 binoculars with case


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Standard issue WWII German 6×30 power binoculars, in tan, complete with original leather case. The binoculars are manufactured from tooled metal alloy with molded black Bakelite fittings.

The pair are a late war pair manufactured by Voigtlaender and Sohn, of Braunschweig. They were made between 1944-45 and just carry the designation 6×30 when no other markings or serial number was stamped.

The individual focus adjustments still function and the body retains most of it’s painted, tan finish. They have both molded bakelite eye sockets intact and the focus adjustment still functions. The optics are in good condition and like a lot of wartime optics could do with a clean.

The wartime case is the correct type for a late war pair of binoculars and is manufactured from leather / ersatz leather with metal fittings. It carries the wartime maker code frn 44

A very good used pair.