WWII German MGZ34 Optical sight – MG34 / MG42


An excellent rare WWII German MGZ34 Optical Sight

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The WWII German MGZ34 Optical Sight was intended for use with the MG34 and later the MG42 machine gun, whilst mounted on a Lafette tripod in a heavy machine gun mode.

Now hard to find, this is a fine fully functional example. Painted in it’s original green finish, the optics are very clear and complete and the MGZ34 is in fine working order. Complete with it’s original carrying case, with its original green painted finish and complete with original belt loops and internal straps and compartments, which are all present and in very good condition.

The scope is from a rarer maker, marked cme, Hilderbrann Wickmann Werke. The original painted finish is excellent, and the scope is marked with the blue circle indicating packing with grease that could be used down to -40 degrees Celsius. All adjustment drums function smoothly and the optics are very clear. The spirit levels is intact with the bubble present and the eye cup, although slightly perished on the ends, is still strong. Both coloured lens filters are present. Very hard to upgrade.