WWII German Pak 36 Stielgranate 41


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An excellent deactivated WW2 German Stielgranate 41 designed for use with the 3.7cm PaK 36/41 anti tank gun.

The 3.7 cm PaK-36, was the standard anti-tank gun of the Wehrmacht in 1940. With the invasion of France and later Russia in 1941, the PaK-36 was seen as inadequate weapon in dealing with the latest tanks and was nicknamed ‘Hitler’s Doorknocker’ by the troops due to it’s deficiency in dealing with Russian tanks. It was replaced by the 5cm PaK 38, but due to the lack of weapons, the Stielgranate 41 was designed in an attempt to upgrade the Pak-36 which were still in service.

The Stielgranate 41 was a hollow shaped charge based weapon, similar in concept to the later Panzerfaust, whereby the effectiveness was not based on the velocity of the projectile. The rod part of the weapon was loaded into the barrel of the PaK gun, with the perforated tube on the outside of the barrel, with the head protruding from the front. Stabilising fins would help to keep the projectile on course.

This example is all complete and in excellent condition. It has the six stabilising fins and is complete with it’s original green paint, with clear August 1942 date markings to the projectile head. The fuse is Waffenamt stamped and has the maker code eet. The head and fuse can be stripped down into separate parts.

A fine example.