WWII German Single Decal M42 SS Helmet


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A fine WWII German M42 SS Single Decal helmet.

The helmet has most of it’s dark green paint remaining, with scuffs and scratches from combat usage. The right hand side carries the SS decal, applied at a tilt. It is the ET / ckl pattern decal, which is correct for this helmet. All three liner rivets are in place and untouched. The leather liner is in good condition and the helmet is complete with it’s chinstrap, which has broken in the middle
Manufactured by Eisen-und H├╝ttenwerke, AG Thale/Harz, size 66 / 58 with stamping ckl66, and a batch number, 2882, a known batch number for SS helmets, produced early 1943.

A great original combat used SS helmet, always hard to find.