Obsolete Caliber Antique EIC Sea Service Pistol


Obsolete Caliber EIC Sea Service Pistol

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A classic British long sea service flintlock pistol with 12-inch barrel. This is a scarce example, manufactured by East India Company. The sea service pistol saw extensive use during the the French and Indian Wars, the American Revolution and Nelson’s era during the Napoleonic Wars. During the 1790s, the barrel was shortened to 9 inches making it more convenient in the tangled mêlées experienced by boarding parties. By time of the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 and the War of 1812 there would have been a mixture of lengths of barrel on board ship.

This is an excellent example, in very good condition, with a fine walnut stock, brass trigger guard and brass butt cap. Bearing the EIC, East India Company logo, on the right hand receiver. A rare pistol.