Rare WWII Gestapo documents


Rare WWII Gestapo documents

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An eleven piece collection of documents and Gestapo documents, relating to a political prisoner arrested in December 1941.
They include the following:-

1. A request by the prisoner’s wife for her husband’s signature, sent to the Wohlau prison, Silesia.

2. Note from General Trust Company, sent to the wife of the prisoner, regarding the confiscation of property, i.e. the house owned by her husband.

3. Emergency assistance / social benefits payments notice sent to the prisoner’s wife by the Lord Mayor of Brno’s office.

4. Breslau attorney generals office letter to prisoner’s wife, explaining the prisoner’s continued imprisonment.

5. Prison board letter to wife accompanying returned post.

6. Envelope from above letter.

7. Statement regarding confiscated assets of the prisoner.

8. Notice from Gestapo regarding
A) CORRESPONDENCE…How often prisoners may receive letters, parcels etc. No newspaper clippings allowed, nor photographs, save one of the prisoner’s family. No money allowed.
B) PACKAGES…Written permission required in advance. Foodstuffs, soaps, toothpaste, newspapers etc not allowed.
C) VISITING…Only allowed in case of proven urgency. Permit required in advance. Officials present. Office hours Monday and Thursday 9.00-11.00.
Foodstuffs and the like must not be handled by the prisoner.

9+10. Copies of the same letter, sent by the prisoner’s wife, to both the Gestapo Office in Brno, and the Reichsprotector’s Chancellery in Prague,
pleading for the release of her husband. States his non-political standing, no involvement with Communists, his recent ill health, their young son and her extreme difficulty in
raising him alone, without financial support etc.

11. Postal receipt.