WWII German M35 DD Camo Luftwaffe Helmet


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This helmet is a US bringback ‘out of the woodwork’ and hasn’t been in a collection before.

Manufactured in late 1937 by Quist, Esslingen, the first year of Quist manufacture. It is stamped with the codes Q66 signifying maker Quist in size 66, with production batch number 3587.
The helmet has both it’s Luftwaffe Eagle and National colours with crazing due to age and wear. The helmet has it’s original Luftwaffe blue and has a re-issue or light grey camouflage added at some point in it’s service life, and the liner has been replaced by a zinc type. This has definitely been done as a period wartime measure and the liner has been in the helmet since the war.

The helmet is in good overall condition considering that it has been through the entire war, with the usual scuffs and scrapes from combat wear and most paint loss to the crown as to be expected. The helmet rivets are early and would of been issued with the helmet.
The dark brown leather liner is still subtle and has the original draw string. The helmet comes complete with a 1940 dated chinstrap.

A fine ‘been there’ helmet with which has seen plenty of wartime service.