Cased Third Reich Sudetenland award w/Prague bar


Cased Third Reich Sudetenland award w/Prague bar

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A fine cased German Third Reich Award with Prague Bar for the Annexation of Czechoslovakia.

Instituted on 18 October 1938, the medal was awarded to German military personnel who participated in the occupation of Sudetenland and the occupation of Czechoslovakia in March 1939.

The medal was awarded to all German and Sudeten officials and members of the German armed forces who marched into Sudetenland. Later it was awarded to military personnel participating in the occupation of the remnants of Czechoslovakia on 15 March 1939. It was awarded until 31 December 1940. In all 1,162,617 medals and 134,563 bars were awarded.

The award is an excellent example with both the medal and bar in near perfect condition. The ribbon is in great condition and has the original pin. The maroon case of issue is original and complete. Constructed of heavy card stock with a maroon faux leather (leatherette) exterior with a golden national eagle embossed on the outside of the lid.

Very hard to upgrade.