WWII German K98 12″ Cleaning Rod


WWII German K98 cleaning rod

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The K98k cleaning rod was introduced in 1934, and had a length of 10.2 inches (258mm). Manufactured from steel, with a pointed screw thread at one end and an open vented receiver to the other. Early rods would have features such as an elongated threaded portion and a taper on the head, with later rods having a step. Some of the early rods would carry the gun serial number and a Waffenamt stamp on the head, with a letter K standing for Karabiner.

Production of a longer 12.6 inch (320mm) rod started in 1939 and by 1941 all K98k’s were manufactured to use this later rod, with production of the 10.2 inch rod being phased out in 1940. Early 12.6 inch rods would still have the tappered head and elongated threat section, with later models having a shorter threaded section and stepped head. It is very unusual to see a Waffenamt stamp on the later 12.6 inch rods.

This is an original 12.6 inch rod, left from German stores in Norway. It is in good used condition, with some blue remaining and has all the correct features of expected in an original. Original K98k rods are very hard to find, and always seem to be missing from most K98’s.